My goal is to connect through thought provoking and attractive emails. My virtual love notes are designed to remind one another what true connection really is. I came up with this idea while I was working full time. I dreaded each morning as I opened daily email messages, which were often times a complaint of some sort.  The workplace has become rampant with negativity and this is my opportunity to spread love and inspiration instead of discouragement. I walked away from the workplace disheartened and I continue to hear from others who are miserable. My mission is to add a little joy to this sometimes unhappy place we call life.

Love Notes and Quotes

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These love notes are for anyone who could use daily spiritual guidance to get your day going on a positive note…LOVE NOTE…that is. I wrote these based on my personal beliefs derived from A Course In Miracles. If you are a fan of ACIM or are interested in learning more, these notes are just what you are looking for.

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These are some personal quotes based on my studies in of A Course In Miracles. If you are looking for a simple dose of inspirational caffeine in the morning, then these quotes are just what you need (no sugar needed).

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These simple love notes are for the lovers who may or may not  be spiritual, but not into all of the woo woo sayings and just want cute, lighthearted love notes to forward to their loved ones.


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Disclaimer: The information provided in this website is for personal purposes only as well as to give you a general history of my own life experiences and understandings of spirituality and the message as I perceive it as offered through A Course In Miracles. I do not claim to have answers or the ability to counsel others on their own life path or spiritual practices. By reading this disclaimer you understand that there is no professional relationship between you and the author.

Laurel Noddin



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